1) Thanksgiving worship & supper @ WWG:

When? November 27th

How Long will this awesomeness last? It's from 10 Am - 2 PM

How can folks help? Join us in worship & fellowship; also bring a side dish and help serve the meal to our wonderful neighborhood family.

If you are interested in helping, please contact Ashley Mulder directly @ 270-505-2118

4) Join us as we study through the books of Samuel on Thursday nights @ 6:30. Choose one of two locations: Peace House (809 N. Congress) or The Urban 'Sip (806 Farish St.).

1 Samuel 12:24: "Fear only the Lord and serve Him faithfully with allyour heart. Consider what great things He has done for you."

Thanksgiving @ WWG is a joyful mix of all colors and hues. Join us on Thursday the 27th for a whole lot of love and Jesus. The food is always good, but nothing beats the fellowship!

WeWillGo ARTS hopes to highlight the healing taking place in Jackson--old becoming new and habitation where there was desolation.

You can buy one of our products today! Click here to access the online store. Email arts@wewillgo.org  with questions or comments.  

The Urban 'Sip will opened for business on October 20th. Our hours are 7 AM to 12 PM Come and buy a neighbor a muffin and some coffee!!

Fall Fun in the clothing shop. We are going to miss Jamie Rasberry. But she'll get to a light in Midtown soon! Track her journey at jrasberry.blogspot.com

Curious about WWG? e-mail info@wewillgo.org  for info about serving with us.
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