The Fountain on Farish

The Fountain on Farish exists to create a safe and loving environment for children and families in the neighborhood.

Our family at We Will Go takes time out of our week to be intentional about building relationships with these ones who have the power to change their families, neighborhoods, cities, and generation.

The Fountain is a place for children to feel safe, loved, cherished, and honored. It is our mission to model the love of Christ while meeting their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. We are able to do this by providing help with homework, discipleship, games, and activities for the children to enjoy.

What does sponsoring Camp Hope look like? 


We are asking each church/ministry/partner/small group to seek the Lord about what sponsoring Camp Hope looks like for you! You don’t have to sponsor alone! You can support in many ways, below is a list of “Sponsorship Levels” that are available as a guide! 


Level 1: Run a week of Camp Hope  

Sponsorship would involve:  

·  Facilitating VBS-style program, Christ-centered lessons, activities, worship, etc. at the Fountain 

·  Bringing volunteers/team/leaders to serve 

·  Bringing crafts, music, activities, lots of JESUS’ joy and love 

·  Providing one snack per child a day 

·  Ideally we would like 3-5 leaders per age group = 10-15 volunteers to come from each group 

·  We would require teams to participate in Camp Hope from (8AM-2PM)--- if the number of volunteers is higher than 15, we can schedule shifts if needed -- so all areas are covered well 

·  Summer Interns will also be on site – leading, serving, mentoring, etc. 

·  WWG team/staff will be on site and will manage the facilities and camp 


Level 2: Sponsor a week of camp financially. 

· If you were unable to commit to Level 1 sponsorship, this level would give you the opportunity to financially sponsor a week of camp. Suggested: $50 a child per week; $50 per child X 90 kids max = $4,500 per week  

·  If you were unable to commit to sponsoring an entire week, you could consider sponsoring a child for the summer! This requires a $400 scholarship for one child to attend Camp Hope!  

·  We’re praying for approx. 20-30 kids/teens per track = availability for 90 children total MAX  

·  We are charging a camp participation fee of $80 per child to each parent/care giver minimum with scholarships available to families that need them! (This equals $2 a day ‘fee’ to attend Camp Hope with all expenses, food, materials, etc. included. Summer Camp 2016 charged $50.00 each child/teen for the entire summer) 


Level 3: Donate time or resources. 

·  Sign up to volunteer or teach a particular craft, skills, etc.   

·  Donate materials needed for various craft, sport, or Bible lesson activities 

·  Have an idea? Please utilize our Camp Hope sign up sheet to share with us! 


Level 4: Sponsor a WWG missionary and/or a Summer Intern 

      -     All our ‘staff’ live by faith, so this would be a great opportunity to sow into them, and the vision God has put on their heart for downtown Jackson. 

      -     We Will Go 6 Month Internship = $2,400 or We Will Go Summer Internship = $1,200 


Thank you so much for your consideration of Camp Hope! We look forward to running together with you, to bring the Gospel and transformation power of God into this community! Please feel free to call or and email us TODAY! We will be honored to give you a walk through of the Fountain, treat you to a yummy drink at the Urban Sip coffee shop, meet with your staff/team, and answer questions. We would love your response as soon as possible, as churches and partners will be key to reaching Jackson this summer! We are so thankful that our LORD has asked us to shepherd this amazing work with HIM! We are excited about your partnership! 

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We seek to further the children’s education so that they are able to succeed in their schools. We help them to dream big dreams and to cast vision for their lives. For some people, it can be very scary to create goals and dreams for their lives because they are scared to fail. Proverbs 29:18 says that “where there is no vision, the people are unrestrained.”

Ways to Contribute

To make any donations please contact The Fountain leadership: Faith Williams, Susanna BlomqvistMariah Pitre or Elaine Gray-Sims!

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