And then he told them, “Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone. Anyone who believes and is baptized will be saved. But anyone who refuses to believe will be condemned.”

Mark 16:15-16

Amy and David Lancaster

I never imagined that it would have happened this way. Back in 2000 Amy and I were the leaders for a church mission trip to Tunisia. I went and checked that off of my list. The next year we were asked to lead a trip to Egypt.


Jonathan, Olivia, & Sarah Lancaster

We are three of the five people who have been daily witnessing what God is doing through We Will Go since the beginning...

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Susanna Blomqvist

Years ago when I was going to Brazil to work with orphans and street kids, I asked if there was something I should know? God spoke to me—even if I didn’t know it was Him back then.

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Joel and Kailee Fabok

We were both born and raised in Ontario, Canada. Before meeting each other at church, we both had missions on our hearts. We talked & prayed about doing missions together one day.

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Mariah Pitre

I first heard about We Will Go Ministries while attending Iris Global’s ministry school in Mozambique, Africa. Afterwards I was prepared to be ‘launched into the mission field.’ Much to my surprise and discontent, I heard the voice of the Lord to return to my hometown of Galliano, Louisiana.

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Adriel Wright

I started a ministry school that was near my hometown this past school year (2015­-2016), and the most unexpected thing started to happen: Holy Spirit started wooing me to missions.

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David and Jeanette Ketcher

We are excited to join the We Will Go ministry team in March 2016. We have lived in Cricklade, Wiltshire, England for the past 25 years. We have two daughters: Natalie who is 34 years old and Hannah who is 26 years old. Hannah is due to be married in June of this year.

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Faith Mathingsdal

The first time I heard of We Will Go Ministries was in Africa in Oct/Nov 2014. I was a student at a missionary school—Iris Ministry’s Harvest School—and Miss Amy was one of our amazing teachers.

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Arne Mathingsdal

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always had a heart for the streets. I was born in Brooklyn and raised in Staten Island New York, and as a kid I could remember seeing the Twin Towers from my attic window.

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Ruth Alexander

After four and a half years of being a missionary in Pemba, Mozambique, with Iris Ministries, God called me back to the UK. It took some time to transition back to life in the UK, find my feet again, but I never really got settled.

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William McClain

In 2011, I found myself leaving prison for the third time. I recalled a “deal’ I had made with Jesus. The deal was, “Jesus, when I make it back to prison, I will give You ten years to change my life and if not, I will never try again.”

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Alex McClain

Over the years I heard about We Will Go through my sister who is a missionary in Pemba, Mozambique. She told me how the Lancasters were missionaries to their own city, Jackson, and how they live in a part of the city that most people don’t choose to live in.

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Spencer, Melanie & Isaiah Holliday

When Spencer and I first got introduced to We Will Go Ministries, we were being discipled by a good friend. This was back in 2007. We were newly saved and did not know much about the Lord.

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Donna Nenny

In October of 2014, I felt led to go to a ministry school in Mozambique. God truly showed me a much deeper love than I had ever experienced! He wanted me to experience more of who He was so I could know and be confident in who I am in Him.

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Elaine Gray-Sims

At nineteen years old, I verbally surrendered my life to full time ministry, not fully understanding how or what that looked like. I went on with life.

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Craig Collier

I came as part of a team to We Will Go to volunteer for a week; I must say I loved every moment. During this time I knew my time was ending at my place of employment, back in Arizona. I had been praying on where my next assignment was going to be.

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Linda Tånevik

I am a medical doctor and the reason for me to start study medicine in the age of 30 years old, was that I would like to go to Africa.
And to Africa I went, Mozambiqe, Pemba to Iris Ministries. I was connected to a kind of ministry i Norway, called the “womens network” and they knew Heidi Baker and through this I was connected to Iris.
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